SnakeSFML A fast C++ Snake

SnakeSFML is a Snake game developed in C++ and is available in 3 modes (Easy - Medium - Hard).

SnakeSFML uses SFML which is a simple, fast, and cross-platform multimedia API provinding access to windowing, graphics, audio and network.

Will you be able to beat the Snake’s hard mode ? (Beating hard mode, is actually attaining maximum snake length ;) )

Good luck & Have fun !

Pixel-ART If this program puts an eye on your mouth don't blame me. Instead, blame OpenCV.

Pixel-ART simply lets you pixel art your face and optionally add random fancy eyes on it. The technique used is pretty simple;

We colorized each grid of (N, N) pixels with the same color. (Default N = 20)

We also applied face and eyes detection (thanks to OpenCV) to paste the random fancy eyes on them.

Have fun Pixel-Arting your (friends’)? faces !